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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    Full Figured
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


They always say less is more on these things. I prefer to be upfront on exactly what you are getting. I have also found that if I do not spell it out from the get go I tend to receive all kinds of 'less than ideal' messages and inquiries.

I like my jammie pants and flannel watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. I like to camp. I like to garden. I like to read inane articles on geological phenomenon that may have impacted versions of mythology and folklore as it began to be written down to see a rough dating span for the material.

I do not drive. Meaning I utilize public transportation, my legs, or a bicycle. This isn't going to change. No, I am not looking for a chauffeur.

I am a Pagan woman. What does this mean? I am a hard polytheist. Still not sure, get out a dictionary because I am not converting for anyone.

I am an independent, intelligent, hard-worker. I have had to become this to survive in the 20-21st century. I spend a lot of time either at work, commuting back and forth, or researching the things I love. I enjoy coffee, medieval manuscripts, and mythology. Oh, and the Oxford comma. If you don't use it, move along.

I can be sweet, snarky, loyal, quirky, and honest. Back me into a corner and I will fight with everything in my arsenal. I refuse to be disrespected or treated as less, I have had enough of that in my life. Now, I come out swinging. If you aren't a feminist move along. I am not your maid or mommy. If you don't want a woman who knows how to do everything for herself and doesn't really "need" you, I am not the right one for you.

What I am looking for

A man who is not married or committed to another woman or man. I don't "need" a man. I would like to have a partner, someone who can share the loads, both his and mine. These are very different concepts so please do not mistake them as one and the same. I have been alone for a while now and have more than enough capabilities to make it without someone.

I am looking for a gentleman who knows how to get his hands dirty, can read a Chilton manual accurately, that likes to garden and work outside. A man who takes pride in his appearance (especially his teeth) but doesn't need to dress in fancy apparel all the time. If you spend more money on high-priced rims for your car or shoes than you do on your dental hygiene move along. Halitosis is a buzz kill.

I am looking for a man who is comfortable at a large pagan festival (with a bunch of dirty hippies) or at an academic conference in suit and tie. A guy who gets excited when new archaeological finds challenge our viewpoints on early mythology and folklore. But I am also looking for a man who relishes a sunset and fireside chats.

Essentially, I am looking for a well-rounded, simple yet complex individual that I can enjoy adventures with. Even when those adventures are just on the couch or in a book.