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Well i was born and raised in Germany at the same time due to the reason that my dad was a British and mum from Germany ,Hamburg.I was so happy to be a kid whom i was always living with my parent. My dad die when i was 20 years but it was okay when i was staying with my mum all alone,Since i was the only son of my parent.I have schooled in United Kingdom (London) until i gained my degree in London,till later on my mum also passed away and there was only me left in pain.I first got my work with the American shipping council in Florida but i came back to London, since it was not well over there,I had my main work also since i learn a lot about the American shipping course and courier services,i did it for about 12 years without stopping it and now is even part of me till i opened my own office.Am a businessman,am into Exportation and Importation of all kind of autos pairs ..dealing with cars to the whole wild world. I like my job very well because it let me lean different cultures and it also an independent ,I work alone because the company belongs to me....

What I am looking for

I guess I'm looking for a woman who can love me as I am (good, bad and ugly).. Someone who can relate about life and it's ups and downs and will want to share them.. I want my match to be able to work together to obtain goals that we've both set.. I'd like us to be able to grow as individuals as well as a couple.. I'd want our relationship to be secure so that we could feel comfortable and trust each other completely without question!..I would want to be her everything and she mine.. I want the WHOLE package.. A friendship that grows into the ultimate loving/caring/passionate relationship that one only dreams of.. I don't want to just live with someone, I want someone I can't imagine living without.. I hope that makes sense.. I guess I'm searching for my missing piece to my puzzle..